Bunny Marthy

Want to learn more about your favorite Model Bunny Marthy? If so, you’re in the right place. Get to know Bunny Marthy better in this Quick Facts Session! 

Basic Bunny Marthy Stats:

Cuteness: Over 9000!
Name: Maddie
Cool Ability: No one can sing Skyrim ballads as she does!
Superpower: All-day Napper
Loves: You guys :*
Hates: Broccoli
Favorite phrase: “Hakuna Matata.”
Favorite place on Earth: Bed, Bunny Marthy’s Bed*

Quick Facts about Bunny Marthy:

  1. My dad’s a real handyman! I inherited his passion for DIY, which later turned into a great love for architecture and furniture design.
  2. I have plenty of hobbies that I enjoy! Adoring sketching (well, crafts of any type tbh), videogames (a Bunny Marthy game would be so cool!), marketing, and DIY is just a part of them.
  3. Have I ever told you that I like politics a tiny bit? You can even say that Bunny Marthy is a capitalist!
  4. I love the smell of cinnamon, melon, and pineapple…but I can’t stand broccoli.
  5. Some time ago, I really wanted to have a real rock woman career. I even used to play bass guitar.
  6. When it comes to relations with other people, Bunny Marthy is very strict. I respect other people’s opinions, even if I’m a bit hesitant about them.
  7. I also don’t care much about hate – I learned to keep my head up and do what I feel is right for me.
  8. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a sloth. Seriously! I’m the laziest person I know. Taking naps 4 the win!

About Bunny Marthy’s YouTube channel:

Before I started doing ASMR myself, I followed many other channels that created similar content. I produced my very first video in September 2019 and since then my “Youtuber career” made significant progress. A real upgrade I’d say. Even if it’s just a side-job, it still gives a lot of fun.

I believe it’s actually good to invest some time and money in something you like – a hobby or side job. It may help you to achieve some financial stability. I know that at the time of crisis I can still create something to stay productive and independent!

Bonus fun fact: I used to have a gaming channel back in the day! I streamed Tibia on Twitch too!


About Bunny Marthy’s Sexworking career:


I entered the sex work business when I was 20. I did it out of curiosity at first, but a brief time later, I became fascinated. When I moved to global platforms in 2018, I started to think about the whole thing more seriously, business-wise. That’s where the story of Bunny Marthy took off. Creating the YeaBunny brand was my first step in an entrepreneurial career. Bunny Marthy, the CEO’s dream started!


Years of hard work gave me the much-needed resilience and experience in business and marketing. I learned how important it is to save and invest money. This industry taught me how to be independent and how to fight your own complexes. It gave me strength and confidence in myself.


The Yeabunny team’s currently working on two new projects in the sex work industry. Stay tuned!


Bunny Marthy

Yeabunny – Bunny Marthy’s website

Of course, there’s much more to be said about my activity! First of all, I hope you enjoy my webpage! I try to polish it as much as possible to give you the best experience there is. Let me tell you more about what I’ve prepared for you.

I work really hard to give you the best content I can. I want you to feel maximum satisfaction with my every performance. That’s why all of my vids are prepared according to the highest standards. Let’s call it a Bunny Marthy’s Quality Assurance! Be sure to find there whatever you need!


Bunny Marthy in cosplays


I haven’t told you yet, but I am a great fan of cosplays. Pretending to be a witch or a little elf is my thing. Be sure to check videos with my alter egos. Different versions of Bunny Marthy are so hot!


Bunny Marthy’s JOI videos

Bunny Marthy Jerk Off Instructions are the best instructions, remember that!

I also told you about my passion for ASMR content, right? I hope you like hearing a soothing voice, got something special for you. In some of my Jerk Off Instructions videos, I speak directly to you. Let me guide you step by step through a great adventure through Bunny Marthy’s body.

Bunny Marthy’s love to dildos

Think that’s a lot? There’s more! If you want to see me riding a dick or masturbating, there’s no better choice than videos with dildos. Do you prefer to go with BBC video Or maybe standard dildo masturbation? Bunny Marthy got you covered.

Bunny Marthy with Friends

If that’s not enough for you, that means you’re in for some real action! I guess I might need some help. Hope you don’t mind me bringing a friend? Don’t you dare to miss videos with my friend Phoebe! She’s the best. We usually sleep together naked and try some dirty things together. Especially just after waking up.

Bunny Marthy outside 

You know, even if I’m the napper, I still love to go outside. Sometimes during a walk, I get a bit horny. (Isn’t Bunny Marthy always horny?) There is no better climax than the one in nature’s surroundings. Have you ever tried it?

Bunny Marthy custom video

Finally, there’s also another option. I believe that everyone has preferences of his own. I also really like to experiment with some new stuff. Everything to make you happy, to be honest! That’s why there’s one more option on the website that you can use. I can create a dedicated, custom video that will make all your dreams come true! It’s very simple – just fill out a brief form to express what do you want to see precisely. I like to think of it as you’re being my personal director. That’s quite cute, isn’t it?

Even more

Remember that Bunny Marthy and Yeabunny are in constant development. I want to grow to create as many pleasant experiences for everyone watching me as possible. I’d also love to meet you in person during one of my streams on Chaturbate. It would be great to hear what you think of my work. I’d be honored to have your input as an inspiration for future projects.

And now, just sit back and enjoy the view.

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