She's met a new friend
She’s met a new friend
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She’s met a new friend

19,50 $

Bunny met a new sexy friend to play with! Can you resist two women, playing with themselves in sexy black lingerie? I know you can’t. So just sit back, relax and let Bunny and Cherrie entertain you. A lot of touching, kissing, licking, sucking – anything you would like to find in the lesbian video.

A relaxing massage to start things up.

Girls are lying on a bed, Maddie is on top of Cherrie. What can possibly happen? A lot. Girls touch each other, pleasure each other’s bodies, giving the best foreplay that they can give. A lot of touching and kissing. You stare at them like you’re hypnotized, thinking about what you would do if you were there with them.

Bunny Marthy and Cherrie Velvet

She couldn’t wait any longer.

Bunny couldn’t wait any longer. She is just too horny. She goes down a little bit, takes off Cherrie’s panties, and starts licking her pussy. She keeps going and just keeps going… Cherrie knows that she can’t last long. She massages her breasts while getting her pussy licked – what a life, huh? After a while, she lets go and finishes in Bunny’s mouth.

Time to switch roles.

Bunny deserves an orgasm, too, right? Cherrie has a similar idea. Bunny sets up for her in doggy positions, and Cherrie does the rest. She takes off Bunny’s panties and plays with her pussy using Domi. She gives her some spanks for being a bad girl. Bunny, as we know, is very horny and cums fast.

Cherrie Velvet Naked

Free the titties!

I mean, who doesn’t love titties? Girls are happy to take off their bras and play with their titties for you. Round, bouncy, squishy, perfectly shaped, and most important – not one, but two pairs of them! Can it get any better? Well, another pair of titties would be great, but those two are simple enough.

She brought toys too!

Now you can let your imagination run wild. Two hot girls, sucking dildos at the same time… Yeah, you don’t even have to tell me, I already know that you wish that were your dick. Hot, slobby, slow, and nice blowjob from those girls must feel like heaven, like something you never experienced before.

And those toys can be used in many other ways…

Well, you didn’t think they would miss this opportunity, right? I mean, look at those horny girls! After a quick blowjob, they take those dildos and put them exactly where they and you want – in their pussies. They fuck themselves for a while, which results in a very creamy orgasm from both of them. But, Oopsie, their pussies look like just someone creampied them…

  • Models – Bunny Marthy, Cherrie Velvet
  • Quality – 4k
  • Time – 21:13 min
  • Additionals – Lesbian, Masturbation

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