Katty Loren

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Katty Loren

Date of Birth: –
Birth Place: Poland
Height: 5′ 5″ (166cm)
Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
Measurements: 36-23-36

Are you curious who Katty Loren is, the hidden beauty? Her face remains unknown, although we know she is beautiful, and probably you know that too. A beautiful body, big breasts, and a shapely ass make watching Katty Loren very enjoyable. You can watch her on Chaturbate, where she often streams for you. She also visits Bunny Marthy on her channel, where they lead duo streams together.

Mysterious beauty

A hint of mystery and the ability to interest the viewer make Katty Loren very popular. You will definitely enjoy spending time with her. She knows what to do to make her feel good but also makes it nice to look at. Additionally, she loves working with Maddie on their duo streams.

Duo VIP stream: Maddie and Katty Loren

Maddie has always wanted to host something like that VIP stream made with Katty Loren. Dancing, rubbing against each other, kissing, and having good orgasms. What do you need more? Beautiful women in black lingerie and sexy poses. Bunny Marthy and Katty Loren certainly enjoy pussy licking and masturbation the most. Even if you are not ready yet for such a hot experience, save that video for later when you finally miss having good sex.