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Our Bunny Marthy tries to provide you with such films which are all kinds of ASMR. In this case, it has built up an extensive database of LEWD ASMR movies that is constantly growing. Licking, bathing, or naked body – you will find it all right here. Often, the materials you see on the Internet are limited by the platform’s regulations they are hosted on, and, for example, authors have to limit themselves. Here you will find the crème de la crème of sexy behavior.

What LEWD ASMR means?

LEWD are behaviors that can lead to a sexual character. A LEWD can result in another person’s sexual arousal. Of course, although it is mainly about ASMR, so evoking a given pleasant feeling through sounds, visual stimuli are of great importance in the context of LEWD. Bunny’s beautiful, alluring, and often naked body matches this LEWD category of sexual acts.

How is LEWD ASMR different from pornographic films?

ASMR is based on sensations provided by triggers, such as sounds of smacking, licking, or tapping against various objects. Attractive looks or sexy behaviors are an addition that makes ASMR double enjoyable. In pornographic films, our amateur girls are doing their best, but that provides you with a completely different experience. LEWD ASMR movies also have different stories, so that makes them hard to compare to pornographic movies. If you want to enjoy both types, you can find everything on our website. This way, you can also check what is best for you.

Will I find a movie for myself?

It’s hard for us to promise that all films will be for you. It’s no secret that everyone has a different trigger. It’s best for you to know which sounds you are sensitive to, so you know best what brings you pleasure. Certainly, the database of these films is so extensive that you should be able to find something for yourself. Besides, you can always tell us what is missing, and if our Bunny likes the idea, she will definitely be happy to record such a film.

A special video for you

However, do not forget that you can buy a custom movie from Bunny on our website! This will allow you to completely adjust the film to your needs, making it a real pleasure. It would be nice to have a Bunny the way you like it and just for yourself, right? If you prefer something different, you can also purchase a custom photo, so you can always have the beautiful Maddie with you. All this means that at Yeabunny, you will find a really large selection of ASMR and pornographic films.


Have you ever seen a blowjob but as ASMR? Bunny had this idea to please you. She is very inventive! In this video, you can watch Bunny licking his fingers and pushing them into his mouth. At such moments, you feel that you would like to be next to her. Especially when she pulls out her dildo that looks like your penis. Your fantasy must run wild while the ASMR sounds provide you with additional stimulus. We envy you that thanks to this film you can experience it over and over again until you decide for yourself that you need a break. The advantage of having Bunny movies like this is that you choose which ones you want to watch and for how long.

Neko Girlfriend Loves Daddy

If you are a fan of the skimpy, sexy Neko Cat outfits and themes, this will be the choice for you. Pleasant sounds of bells, purring, and moaning will allow you to relax fully. You will definitely be interested in Bunny’s beautiful body and her breasts, which you can see very clearly throughout the movie. Sexy lingerie is the perfect accessory in this case. Do not wait any longer and reach for this pleasure yourself.