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On Yeabunny, you can find many lesbian movies. Our main star, Bunny Marthy, loves to invite her friends over. They always play with each other so well that they decide to meet again. Bunny Marthy knows she can’t let out dissatisfied guests, so she always shows off her skills. Massaging the breasts, licking the pussy, or playing with a dildo and masturbation – these are our girls’ main skills. However, they always offer more sensations in films than you might expect. Besides, girls will always surprise you with something new so that you won’t be bored.

If you know our bunny Maddie well, you probably also know her last friend – Lea_exe. Moreover, if you’ve been with Yeabunny for a long time now, you may also know Phoebe or Witchy from old movies. Bunny Marthy has a million ideas per hour, so you can expect more girls to be her special guests. All this to make it as horny as possible for you. 

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Lesbian’s Duo Stream

By being a fan of group shows, you can find a lot of pleasure in movies from our wonderful girls. In that video, Bunny and Witchy have some of the best orgasms, and that’s all for over an hour! Can you imagine that? An hour of unchanging pleasure with hot girls. We can’t even write it without excitement. What do you think about that? Or maybe no, don’t tell us now. Watch this video and then give your feedback. Believe us that you will not be disappointed. 

Lesbian’s pussy teasing POV

We know how famous “POVmovies are now, but we would like to point out that we made them even before. The feeling of being in our actress’s shoes must be wonderful. It can be a great pleasure for everyone. If you are a girl, imagine that you are exactly what Bunny is taking care of. If you are a boyfriend, imagine that these two girls are just right together and you are having a great threesome. No matter what you imagine, this movie will still get you to orgasm. Our examples are only a guide, and you can think about anything you want. 

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