The wrong hole
The wrong hole
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The wrong hole

19,00 $

Are you ready for some lesbian action with a little bit of anal play? Meet Bunny’s new friend – Nastea_xo.

She’s just as kinky and horny as Bunny. This amazing duo will make you drool all over you.

The girls are so horny they can’t stand it. They play with each other, they kiss, they caress their bodies …

A little pussy licking here, some vibrator fun there with a little anal addition. Interested? 

Small foreplay, maybe?

Girls know exactly what you like. Touching, kissing, caressing bodies, am I right?

Bunny Marthy and Nastea_xo foreplay

Pussy licking?

Yes, please! Bunny can’t wait long and immediately goes down on her new friend. She seems to like it.

Bunny Marthy licks Nastea_xo

Little bit of vibrator play?

Definietly! It’s Bunny’s turn for pleasure!

Nastea_xo and Bunny Marthy fun with vibrator

Nice ass?

Look at Bunny’s face, she’s happy about it too! This ass is so nice that you want to kiss it… Well, Bunny couldn’t help herself too.

Bunny Marthy plays with Nastea_xo's ass

That’s the wrong hole!

Bunny grabs the dildo with the intention of inserting it… but not in the hole her friend was hoping for! But luckily, she doesn’t seem to mind it.

The wrong hole


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