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Who is xjuliegrace?

Date of Birth:
Height: 5′ 4” (163 cm)
Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)
Measurements: 85-65-85
Foot size: 37
Bust size: 65d

Our new girl xjuliegrace joined us because she loves to please herself and her viewers. Long brown hair, glasses, beautiful body, and face like an angel. Or maybe a devil? Sex devil, of course! xJuliegrace appears on live cams and frequently on Bunny Marthy’s channel. Now it is also part of the Yeabunny movies. Tastes are theoretically not discussed but it’s always possible to check the dry facts, and in our opinion, xJuliegrace should go down in history as another beautiful girl from Yeabunny.

xJuliegrace and her career

We think that xJuliegrace is in the right place. More than one person in the world could envy her career progress, because we can already see that you like her very much! She will especially appeal to those who like natural beauty and appreciate feminine shapes (just look at her breasts, they make an impression). If you want to find her somewhere else, be sure to check out her social channels, such as Instagram. Also, don’t forget to check our website where Julie will definitely appear again.

How to describe xJuliegrace?

Perverted, extremely cute and open to the world. She likes to please her friends in a threesome or duo stream. One of the specialties you will love about Julie is how incredibly brave she is during the streams – perfect for all kinds of unbelievable sexual sensations. If you are ready for fresh meat, watch our one show or two featuring xJuliegrace. We think even after twenty years of filming porn, her gorgeous looks will make her feel like she’s just turned eighteen.

Duo stream with xjuliegrace

What could be better than two beautiful women? A horny man who wants to watch them. That’s why Bunny and Julie decided to join the stream together, and the VIP show was added to Yeabunny. Girls do not like to procrastinate and prefer to get down to business straight away in that Duo Stream. The movie has barely begun, and Bunny is about to lick her friend’s pussy. Julie is not indifferent to this. You can hear how enjoyable it is for her. Even if you doubt it now, you would see in real life that they would be pleased with you. However, for now, you have to feel into this film and imagine that you are there with them.

Pajama Party with Bunny Marthy, xjuliegrace, and Lea_Exe

Summer would not be so great if it wasn’t for partying. The girls also took this assumption, which is why they made a pajama party. If you have not had a chance to watch a paid live show or want to experience it again, luckily, you can watch this video and feel the pleasure wherever you are. Lots of games, laughter, chatting, and even more sex. Girls know what to do to make them feel good. They can count on each other! You hear moans, the laughter of joy, and the slapping of naked bodies. It is not the bus driver’s clap, but their sexy skins rubbing against each other.