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While creating the NSFW ASMR movie database, Bunny Marthy did not forget about soft movies that many people may like. Here, you will find nudity or sexy costumes like in LEWD ASMR, but in a more delicate and natural version. From the screen of your computer or phone, the beautiful camgirl Bunny will look at you, but not only because special guests in some movies also accompany her. Do you want to know more?

Is soft LEWD ASMR for me?

It is difficult to answer unequivocally whether this is a category for everyone. Indeed, the soft Lewd ASMR movie database is a place for people who feel good in delicate and sensual ASMR films. The feast for the eyes is also delivered in the form of naked body pieces or alluring costumes. Maybe this is a good category so that after you finish watching pornographic movies, you can calm down with your favorite, beautiful camgirl? Or perhaps you like to start this way and treat NSFW ASMR as foreplay? Your imagination only limits you, but we know you can’t complain about it.

What kind of videos can I find at Yeabunny?

Bunny Marthy ASMR videos are full of different triggers. Maddie always tries to make every recording provide you with a new experience, so the choice is vast. You will surely find videos of breathing, reading a book, or spanking. What’s more, this part of NSFW ASMR includes a movie with a special guest, Bunny Marthy’s friend. After all, two beautiful women in one film are always a good choice. Discover movies on Yeabunny and decide which videos will be perfect for you. Just how you like it!

I don’t like NSFW ASMR. Will I find something else?

On our website, apart from ASMR films, you will also find amateur pornographic films created by camgirl Bunny Marthy and her friends. If you like our Maddie and want to see her in a different setting, you can also purchase a custom video or a custom photo. She loves to make new recordings and photos for you! It is also worth adding that Bunny Marthy has a YouTube channel, where she also records ASMR, but it is not NSFW due to this platform’s legal regulations.

A friend cares for Bunny Marthy’s hair and rubs her back

If you like the sounds of natural activities, such as brushing hair and massaging back with oils, you will surely like it. Excellent quality of microphone allows for very intense sensations caught during recording. Nothing escapes your ears! The fact that you can look at two beautiful girls also seems to be an ideal addition to your listening experience. Bunny, though with her back to you, is wearing only panties. Her friend is scantily dressed and ready to please Maddie. Her friend is scantily dressed, so she is revealing her breasts. Make sure you sit down comfortably and listen to the sounds of the girl’s hands rubbing Maddie’s back.

Tape and naked body

Bunny Marthy likes to invent exciting movies for you, so this time she decided to introduce you to the tape’s pleasant sound. However, she did not want it to be boring for you, so she uses it on her nipples, showing you all her breasts at the same time. If you are a fan of the ass, then you too will find something for yourself because Maddie did not stop just on her breasts! The trigger in the form of a tape sound can provide interesting sensations by itself, but the view will also give you a lot of pleasure.