Girls' Night
Girls’ Night
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Girls’ Night

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Maddie, with her friend, decided to organise small girls’ night. Small pyjama party to relax and have fun. They start very innocently – pillow fight and stuff. But we don’t have to wait long for things to escalate. Pillow fight turns quickly into makeout session and even more.

They couldn’t wait any longer.

After a little bit of fun, they can’t wait any longer. If you think that those two hotties organised girls’ night to organise pillow fights and eat snacks, you’re mistaken. Well, they will eat “snacks”, but not the snacks you have in mind.

Bunny Marthy and Nastea_xo kissing


Do you like titties? Of course you do! Bunny is lucky – her friend’s pyjama is easy to open, so she can get access to her titties quickly. Of course, she can’t help herself and immediately starts to suck and kiss those boobies. I mean, we can’t blame her. Just look how perfect those are!

Bunny Marthy kissing Nastea_xo titties

Easy to access, huh?

As we mentioned before, a friend’s pyjama is constructed so that she has easy access to her private parts, so Bunny decides to take advantage of this fact. She goes down on her friend like there’s no tomorrow.

Bunny Marthy eats her friend pussy

Friends repays quickly.

Bunny’s friend does not wait long for an opportunity to pay back. She lets Bunny sit on her face. Glorious view, isn’t it? But Bunny can’t stand idleness, so she licks her friend’s pussy as well.

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Time for dildo action.

They both knew what was going to happen on that girls’ night, so they brought their dildos to play. And they brought them not to organise sword fight.

Bunny Marthy and Nastea_xo double blowjob

And now for grand finale.

Well, dildos go not only in the mouth, right? They have a lot more uses than this. Let the girls show you what they can do with them.

Bunny Marthy and Nastea_xo fucking pussies with dildo

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