52 Orgasms Record Compilation
52 Orgasms Record Compilation

52 Orgasms Record Compilation

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This movie is a crème de la crème for orgasm fans because Bunny had her orgasms record. Let us tell you a bit about it.

First of all, you need to know that you will find a compilation of 52 unforgettable orgasms from one live performance of your favorite Bunny in this video.

Secondly, it’s all thanks to you, her fans, and viewers, who really helped her with this by tipping on a sex toy. Yes, it was this pink Lush controlled by your phones that helped her in this achievement.

Third – why is this an achievement? Because it was Bunny’s record break. Last time, she managed to get 44 orgasms in one live performance. It was already a lot, right? This time she has prepared more. Do you know that it was specially for you?

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Orgasms record – That all thanks to you

Did you know that Bunny Marthy loves to give herself pleasure with your help on Chaturbate? Have you heard that the pink Lush vibrator in her tight pussy can be controlled by you? You can tip Bunny on broadcast, thanks to which you control the sex toy for the right amount of time.

orgasms record

Dive into an erotic fantasy

Imagine that you want to make your favorite pleasure today. However, you wonder what would be the best solution in this situation, when your Bunny Marthy may be even up to thousands of kilometers away from you…
However, don’t worry too long because the Lush vibrator and the Domi clitoral massager have the solution. It’s all based on the camgirl setting up her toy, and you pay her with tokens that are equivalent to seconds. For example, 1 token is equal to 1 second of pleasure.
Thanks to this, you are able to really play with your Bunny, not just look at her.

orgasms record

Beautiful body of Bunny Marthy

It goes without saying that Bunny can steal your heart. Her delicate body, gorgeous shapes, and long hair. It is the ideal of beauty for many of us, which is why we want it to be as pleasant as possible.
Imagine being able to touch her smooth skin, grab her hair, touch her pussy, and watch her whole body in real life. It’s even hard to imagine how wonderful it feels.
Can we take a moment and pay attention to the delight of your favorite camgirl? During these 52 orgasms record, Maddie has real pleasure. Every time you can see her body going through spasms, and her moans are clearly audible. If you like ASMR, try listening to these sounds. Even that is exciting!

orgasms record

Orgasms record captured on that compilation

If you are not optimistic about the description, you need to visualize the moment better. Think of Bunny’s naked body masturbating with her fingers and a sex toy at the same time. You can count on its full filling in a tight pussy. On her face, you can see that it is so intense for her that she cannot control her delight.
It all looks so good and so natural that you want to jump into the screen and materialize in front of Maddie. You see how efficient her hands are, and you know she has experience in this so no wonder that she has hit the orgasms record.

orgasms record

Be her master

Don’t forget that you have the power. It is the vibrating Lush that gives her the greatest pleasure in orgasms record, and it is the tokens from the viewers that activate it.
If you were on a live stream with her, you surely wouldn’t be saving money on her. After all, such a pleasure is worth every penny, right?

orgasms record

Join Bunny!

You have influence over what happens, and evidently, your help was important during the orgasms record. Don’t resist any longer. Watch the movie and reach for your pleasure!

  • Model – Bunny Marthy
  • Quality – Full HD
  • Time – 15:21 min
  • Additionals – Boobs, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Domi

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  1. Ale

    You are amazing

  2. Ryan.U117 (verified owner)

    This ones pretty simple, 52 orgasm stream compilation. Watch Bunny as she writhes in pleasure, orgasm after orgasm in this amazing compilation video. This is a way to relive Bunny Marthy’s record orgasm stream. What’s not to love?

  3. Emil Giza (verified owner)

    Good stuff

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