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Phoebe – collaboration, dirty movies for adults

Phoebe’s POV

Are you curious about how Phoebe started her journey with Bunny Marthy and Yeabunny? Here is her story.

In August last year, I’ve decided to starts my journey with webcams. I just started watching more experienced people, and I accidentally found Bunny Marthy’s stream. My first thought was:

For sure, she is not from Poland, who in Poland could do it so well.

I was really in shock when I later found her video on Youtube in which she talks about herself and being a camgirl. Marthy started to be some kind of inspiration, a role model for me; she showed me how to have a professional approach to this brand.

A few months later, I saw on Instagram a post about “hunting” for girls to make a collaboration with Yeabunny, and I’ve decided to try. It turned out that even my lack of experience is not a problem, and we met a month later. We sacrificed a lot of time establishing what will be proper for me and with what I will feel good.
I didn’t feel any pressure; I even think that for Bunny Marthy, the most important thing is comfort; to make someone feel good and comfortable while working with her. Maddie told me a lot about being a camgirl from her point of view; even though we were focused on making videos, she also allowed me to get to know her as a person – Maddie, not just like a Bunny Marthy. I think that it really simplified our collaboration.

I think that I took part in creating something really cool, and to be honest if I would be able to find more time to become a camgirl, I’m hoping that Yeabunny could take me under their wings.

— Phoebe

Result of collaboration

Phoebe - pussy teasing

We were thinking for a long time to make porn videos with another girl, and suddenly Phoebe fell from the sky! Together we made two videos, and we are really satisfied with the results!

Here is a quick preview of what you can find in both videos.

Lesbian teasing best POV

” Time to see Bunny Marthy and her friend in some lesbian teasing POV action! Do you remember beautiful Phoebe? She is a good friend of Bunny, every time they meet; they have a lot of fun together. Imagine two girls and you in one room…Would you prefer to join them or just be a watcher?

[…]Today they prepared a lesbian teasing POV show for you so you can feel that you are next to them, touching their bodies and making them even hornier…Later on, Bunny starts rubbing and teasing this beautiful clit. You can only hear that Phoebe’s breath get shorts; she enjoys it for sure. Then, Bunny starts kissing and licking her friend’s laps, slowly moving to her treasure…All this you can see from Phoebe’s POV…”

Phoebe ass massage

Lesbian sleepover with unusual pussy teasing

There’s no better way to start a weekend than a lesbian sleepover with your bestie! Bunny Marthy has invited Phoebe to stay overnight. They had a really good time together. Maddie and Phoebe were singing and dancing all night. They were so tired after it, and they decided to go to sleep together. After some wet dreams, Bunny woke up first and thought she would prepare a little surprise for her bestie…Want to know what happened next and what girls were doing?

[…]Our host takes some oil in her hands to give her friend even more pleasure during this wonderful morning flirt. At first, she pays attention to one bum to coddle it to the maximum. Then she takes care of the other bum, to not leave it alone. Look how precisely she is doing it. It seems she doesn’t want to stop. It gives both of them so much pleasure.”

We were aware that collaboration could cause some problems because it was something new for Phoebe and us, but anything like that! Working with Phoebe was a great pleasure for us.
If you dream about a carrier in this industry, feel free to contact us!

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