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Lea_exe Bunny_Marthy collaboration

Lea_exe x Bunny_Marthy – impressive duo stream

Lea_exe Bunny_Marthy collaboration

Lea_exe’s experience

Down below you can find a massage from Lea_exe after our duo stream.

“Life looks like that; if you want to achieve something, you have to have a lot of luck. I was the lucky one that I’ve met Bunny_Marthy on my path. Let’s start at the very beginning. I moved to the new, big city by the end of the last year. I didn’t have any problems with renting a flat, but I hit the wall while looking for a job. The labor market didn’t find me as a befitting worker. I had a lot of job interviews, but it didn’t work out. I wasn’t ready for such a course of events. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown, and suddenly on the Internet, I found an interesting job offer. They promised high salaries, a flexible schedule, and a friendly atmosphere. It turned out that it is a studio for camgirls.

That’s how I found out about Chaturbate, about a relatively easy way to earn money. At least in theory. My start wasn’t very good; I can say that it was terrible. For one month of work, I earned less than 1/4 of the basic salary. It is hard even to call it a salary. But even so, I didn’t give up, and progressively I was climbing higher, mostly learning from my mistakes. To be honest, I didn’t plan to work there forever, so in the meantime, I was looking for a different job.

Once again, I was looking for a job offer, and finally, I found an offer about making a YouTube video with someone. Yes, it was Maddie. That’s how I met her. She explained all the details of potential collaboration, and however, we didn’t record anything together at this time, our contact survived. From the beginning, we were getting on well with each other, so we become friends really fast. I thought that I would finally have a friend with which I can talk and confide in each other. Actually, I got much more. Much, much more.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve started my job in the studio. Fewer and fewer, I liked the terms there, so I was considering leaving this studio and starting a similar business but on my own and on my terms. There was only one problem; I totally didn’t know how to start it. “What should I do to be independent?” – I was thinking

I knew that Maddie is working on streams for a long time, so I asked her for help. She explained everything with angelic patience step by step all this process, and she answered all my questions. There wasn’t even a second in which she left me alone. You can’t even imagine how grateful I am. She helped me to overcome my fear. Thanks to her support, I can live in my dream city and progressively get back on track. There is a long way to go, not everything is ideal, but I’m not giving up. I can’t stop right now. Otherwise, someone could be angry and beat me! Auch

Recently I had the pleasure to make a duo stream with Maddie (Bunny_Marthy x Lea_exe). Who knows, maybe you already know me? Earlier, there were only plans, without any specific date. When we finally decided to make it, everything was happening so fast that I can barely remember the details. There were a lot of viewers, action, and even more fun. Who was there and saw our stream knows it. I’m not used to such a rate, but you know what? It is really addictive. Maddie is the warmest and the most caring person that I know! Working with her is a great pleasure. I hope that we would sit one day in front of the camera and record something once again.

How can I sum up my collaboration with Bunny_Marthy? Just like a Donkey from Shrek says, “I want it once again!” I’m still going to learn new things and this business. I don’t know if I will achieve such a big success, but I will try! If you hesitate, just like me, I want to tell you one thing; it is unnecessary, follow your dreams and reach your goals. I believe that my story will help you break the ice and decide to make this first step into this big industry. I wish you luck, and I keep my fingers crossed!


A few words from me about a collaboration with Lea_exe

I really liked working with Lea_exe so that you may see us together once again sometime in the future. If you didn’t get a chance to see our duo stream (the paid part), you still have this opportunity to see it on my webpage.

If you think about a collaboration but you are not sure yet, just contact me maybe we can come up with something together! More about a collaboration you can read on the Carrier page on Yeabunny.


Lea_exe Bunny_Marthy kissing

A short preview of our video

Are you curious about what you can find on our duo streams with Lea_exe? Hmm…Two girls together, it has to be fun, right? Just take a look.

“Lea_exe sits down on a chair and opens up her legs; Bunny_Marthy lays on the floor and starts kissing and licking her friend’s pussy. It has to be an amazing taste.

-” I’m so hungry,”- says Bunny_Marthy.

Lea’s facial expressions show that she enjoys it and wants more. An incredible combo – Pussy eating and small Lovense Lush, which all the time reacts to the tips. Now, it is time to switch, and Lea_exe starts to eat Bunny_Marthy’s pussy. After a few moments of pussy teasing, Bunny is really close to reaching her first orgasm on this lesbian stream, but she stops Lea_exe.”

Lea_exe Bunny_Marthy pussy licking
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