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Duo stream Jullie x Bunny Marthy

xjuliegrace x Bunny Marthy – Duo Stream

In March 2021, I had the opportunity to meet and stream with xjuliegrace. We made an appointment for the whole event on Instagram after messages from xjuliegrace. The whole thing was quite crazy, as the distance between us was large, and we were streaming on the day of her arrival to my city. But we made it! If you’re interested in our stream, the ticket show that took place at the end is available for purchase here on Yeabunny.

A message from xjuliegrace after our shared sex cams

“I started my adventure with webcams about 3 months ago (written March 2021). Completely alone. Basically without any help, relying only on my intuition. I was inspired to take up this type of work by the Instagram profile of Kitty_Tease. I dreamed of doing what she did.

Later, I also started following other camgirls and reading/watching interviews with them. Their statements often featured the subject of the places, which used and cheated girls in various ways, but it was also a place where they gained experience. On the one hand, I was very happy that I do everything by myself. My professional experience is based on working in a corporation, so I really enjoy being my own boss. On the other hand, it was quite difficult because I didn’t know what to do on the streams, how to set prices, and what the viewers like. At work in the corporation, they will tell you exactly what to do, and you have regular feedback from the manager. On webcams, I missed it a bit, and I had to find out what I was doing wrong and what was right on my own. ” – xjuliegrace

Duo xjuliegrace x Bunny Marthy Blowjob

The beginnings of xjuliegrace

“I started with Streamate, which is primarily on private messages. For technical reasons, I had to suspend this account for a while and then look for another site. I decided on CB (Chaturbate). My first impression was very negative. I got used to the Streamate styling (black and white, subdued), and I didn’t like the colors and gifs from CB. I didn’t get the bots. It was annoying that at every turn, someone tried to cheat me (fake tips, etc.) and attacked me with good advice. But well… The earnings were definitely better, so despite my initial reluctance, I stayed on this platform. ” – xjuliegrace

Julie and Bunny Marthy Duo Stream

The idea for a duo stream

“One of my viewers on Chaturbate wanted to see me with a girl. I received a lot of advice like that. If I had a friend, I would earn more… This one person was different because he offered a certain amount and paid me for a private message, on which he did not want to watch anything but discussed the details of a possible duo stream with me. After getting that money, I felt compelled to at least look for a girlfriend. I didn’t feel comfortable with this idea. I didn’t see if the type would change their mind and how I would pay her. Then I remembered the Bunny_Marthy from Gonciarz podcast where she was saying something about collaborations. I went to her pages and found the tab ‘Become a porn star‘. I figured why not give it a try, and so I got in touch with Yeabunny.

Bunny Marthy has a very professional approach to what she does. He can clearly set limits, listen and care for the comfort of the other person. I evaluate the cooperation and remember it very positively. I’m glad I could see streaming professionally. Thanks to this, I was able to learn a lot. Before that, I did not fully understand how CB works, and I understood the open chat formula. In practice, it was much easier for me to grasp these mechanisms. It was also very fun to see what I look like under professional lighting in high image quality.

I was convinced to stream together, above all, by the pleasant atmosphere on its streams. Maddie has really great moderators who delete every bad message before anyone else has time to read it. ” – xjuliegrace

Duo Bunny Marthy and Julie
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