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Best ASMR Videos

10 Best ASMR videos

Have you ever wondered what are the best ASMR videos? If you want to find the best movies on the Internet – you can count on us. We have prepared a list of films for you that can improve your mood and make the day better. Are you curious about what is on our best ASMR videos list? Let’s get down to business.

10 Best ASMR videos

We have prepared for you a subjective list of the best ASMR videos. Some of them have the most views at the moment too. If you are looking for ASMR videos to help you to sleep, here you will find something probably ideal.

ASMR you are waiting for

Bunny Marthy will give you a whole range of ASMR and NSFW ASMR movies. She has over 80 ASMR videos on her YouTube where she uses a variety of triggers: tapping, vibrations, mouth sounds, typing, eating, speaking Polish, English or Russian, crinkling, scratching, and more. This camgirl will be able to introduce you to such a state of pleasure that you never dreamed of. Her YouTube channel and the NSFW ASMR category will give you opportunities such as searching for the best movie on 18+ sites. Not every first one will suit you, but you will definitely find something for yourself.

Gentle night rain

If you like the sounds of nature, this rain video can be your way to soothe. The Relaxed Guy created a 3-hour video that you can set yourself to sleep. Moreover, there are no ads here, therefore nothing will stop you from relaxing. Many viewers have noted that The Relaxed Guy has created a place where one can find peace. Besides Bunny Marthy, this kind of ASMR is one of our favorites. We are curious about your opinion, so be sure to let us know what you prefer after watching both artists.

Many hours with ASMR

MassageASMR decided to deliver something for real ASMR fans. If you need more than a few minutes of the ASMR, here’s a 10-hour movie of tapping, crinkle, and other trigger sounds. His video currently has over 28 million views. Will you join the ranks of his satisfied listeners? If you want an extra laugh, be sure to check out the comments under this video. This is a real treasure trove of memes. Moreover, as the name of the channel says, the author specializes in ASMR massages and skin-to-skin contact. It is one of the longest movies on this list of the best ASMR videos.

No hairdresser during quarantine?

If you miss the hustle and bustle of a hair salon and your favorite hairdresser, Gentle Whispering ASMR is here to help. Now, even in your room, you can feel as if you are just changing your hairstyle. Over an hour of pleasant triggers will allow you to find new experiences. The author specializes in delicate ASMR along with a story, so if you like movies like this you will surely find something for yourself here. This movie list contains really different types of best ASMR videos so you can get to know the full cross-section.

Soap carving

Now you probably think how soap can be a good ASMR? At the beginning, it was also strange for us, but only after we got acquainted with these recordings we realized that sometimes such relaxation is very important. One hour of soap and fun triggers can show the new face of ASMR, which is definitely one of the stranger things on this best ASMR videos list. Have you seen this before? If not, be sure to check if it has a relaxing effect on you.

99.9% of you will sleep to this ASMR

Over 15 million viewers were looking for the perfect movie to fall asleep. Have they succeeded? From what you can see in the comments, this video can actually work. Will it work for you too? You should try it!

Strange addiction to this ASMR

Over 13 million viewers find it hard to break away from this video. Sleeper fans should be content with what happens in this ASMR video. This is another item on this best ASMR videos list that puts you to sleep, but you can never have too many good films like this.

Even oil massage

It is no wonder that this video has over 12 million fans as it is a very enjoyable experience. ASMR triggers such as whispering and a calming sight can be fun. This is the only such ASMR massage video on this best ASMR videos list.

Sleep Clinic

Returning to the role-playing, maybe you want to feel like you are having a pleasant visit to the doctor? This is a truly unique clinic.

Don’t talk, just do ASMR

The last but not least, time for 25+ triggers in one video. Now you can see what works for you and if you have your favorite triggers. Did you know this movie, or did you only get to know it through our best ASMR videos list?

Summary of 10 best ASMR videos

We hope this list of ASMR movies will help you find something special for yourself. If you don’t want to lose those videos, it’s worth saving our post for later. Thanks to this, you will always be able to come back to those authors and films. Pleasure will be at your fingertips all the time!

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