Witchy leaves Yeabunny

Witchy Bitchy Leaving Yeabunny

Hello everyone. Today we have some sad news for you guys. However, let’s start from the beginning.


Our beginning

In June 2019 we officially started Yeabunny. We wanted to create a place where every sex-worker that cooperates with us will feel good and appreciated for hard work. Our mission was clear from the beginning – we wanted to help cam-girls in their professional careers. There is a lot of things that can be done better every day in life, relationships and especially at work. We have a lot of experience in the industry that we are open to sharing with cooperating girls to help them improving and earn more money. We still believe that there is a lot to progress in and we are better every time we do streams, recording videos, taking photos or posting on social media.


Sad news

The 29 of June was also the first day of our cooperation with Witchy (known as ItsMeWitchy or WitchyBitchy). She was the first girl that joined our talented team. Moreover, she was the first girl that streamed with Bunny Marthy! Witchy helped us in creating processes. Because of her, we know how to share our knowledge better and how to introduce new girls in a faster, friendlier way to streaming. Unfortunately, due to Witchy’s health problems, our cooperation could not go as good as we both would like to. For sure, we spent together a lot of amazing time both – online while writing on Facebook and offline on face to face meetings.


Health problems

For today (21/01/2020), Witchy has over 10000 followers on the Chaturbate after 32 streams and we think that is amazing that you supported her so much.

Unfortunately, for both of us due to Witchy’s deteriorating health we can not continue our cooperation. However, we always will support Witchy in our personal friendship. The decision has been done by Witchy and we really respect that.

You can also read Witchy’s statement on that case here:

Thank you for your time Witchy and good luck with everything that you will try in the future.

Yeabunny Team.


  1. Perforated Bovine

    I miss Witchy and hope she is well.
    I don’t know the severity of her medical problems. Perhaps she is gone. It would be comforting to know that. If it is possible, I would love to get word to Witchy that I occasionally think of her and would be super happy to hear from her.
    Prior interaction with Yeabunny makes me uncertain about the statement that “we always will support Witchy in our personal friendship.” Again, maybe she has passed. Maybe the friendship fell apart. I don’t know.

  2. Bunny Marthy

    Witchy is fine. She has chosen a different way for her life, and we support that. We are not able to share any additional information about her, but she is alive and doing well.

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