How to work with Yeabunny?

How do we conduct the recruitment process?

We aim to make our recruitment process simple & friendly, constantly looking for motivated talents that will fit perfectly to our team. To start, send us an e-mail to address with the title: ‘Collaboration‘ or just use our contact form.

You don’t need to add your CV or personal information. At this stage, we are interested in your story and motivations. Tell us something cool about yourself and the role you want to play! Share with us your Instagram or portfolio, if you have one!

If you impress us with your story,  we will surely reach out to schedule a call or a meeting! We would love to know you and your idea better!

If everything goes well, after the meeting, you will officially become a part of the Yeabunny brand! We will provide you with all necessary information regarding your job, as well as an extensive onboarding and hardware.

Who do we look for?

The Yeabunny agency always actively looks for models that want to develop their career as a camgirl. We are open to meeting new people that want to start streaming!

If you’re active on social media (especially on Instagram), love working with people, you feel good in front of the camera, and feel open and comfortable about your body – we might be waiting just for you!

Let’s get in touch

Bunny Marthy Yeabunny

What do we offer?

First of all, a good atmosphere and growth.
These aspects are very important to us. This doesn’t end here! 

  1. Remuneration equal to your results;
  2. Streaming workshops;
  3. Complementary training to help you supplement your knowledge;
  4. assistance in communication channels development;
  5. providing space in an online store;
  6. equipment rental services at the beginning of our cooperation;
  7. photo & video sessions;
  8. graphic designs;
  9. English lessons;
  10. flexibility – you can work wherever you want, whenever you want;
  11. team retreats;
  12. mentorship.

What do we expect

  1. take care of your looks and presence during streams and photoshoots;
  2. active participation in workshops and training;
  3. creative collaboration;
  4. a deep need for professional development;
  5. basic English skills;
  6. high communication skills;
  7. open-minded & can-do approach.