Fresh look on blog and landing update


Yeabunny’s blog rebranding

We updated our website to match our vision for the Yeabunny. The first thing that we had to change was old Yeabunny’s blog. As we didn’t plan to write new posts in English, we replaced the blog with the news section. In the news section, you will be able to read about new functionalities or website updates.


New Polish blog

We are always looking for new cooperation occasions. However, our cooperation depends on the models’ place of residence. That is why we decided to move the blog section to the Polish language. We created a brand new website called “swiatcamgirl“, that means “camgirl’s world”.


Instagram Polish posts

You could have seen our latest posts on Yeabunny’s Instagram page. They are in Polish because their target group was mainly Polish people. We hope that you will still follow our Instagram account. Don’t worry; there will also be posts with the English description as before.


New landing page

As we mentioned above, we are mainly looking for girls located in Poland. That is a reason for changing old Yeabunny’s landing page. We do not need an English recruitment landing page anymore. We hope that you will enjoy the new homepage as much as we do!

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