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Best ASMR Channels

10 Best ASMR channels

If you’re looking for the best channels, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared 10 channels for you that are worth watching. Earlier, we also wrote a post about the Top 10 ASMR movies, where we included some other interesting ASMR videos. When looking for the perfect movie, it is worth trying a few different ones to find what really makes us happy and relaxes us. That best ASMR channels list is here to help you find what you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Where you can find the best ASMR channels?

It’s no surprise that YouTube is the ASMR movie mine. There you can find many types of ASMR movies and triggers. What’s more, you can also find ASMR videos on 18+ sites or private authors’ channels, which are usually extra paid (such as Patreon). Sometimes some videos are uploaded as external links on Reddit as well. There is a division into NSFW ASMR and ASMR films, so you can only look at the category that suits you better or what you want at the moment.


Gibi boasts over 3 million followers on YouTube. While recording, ASMR shares his life with them but keeps everything in the theme of pleasant triggers. She no longer only records set and scheduled static videos but also tries to be an ASMR vlogger. Maybe that’s why Gibi has so many followers? This is an interesting alternative on our best ASMR channels list for sure.


Over a million views of this girl’s videos emphasize how much fans like her and that they want to watch her films. The channel has over 2 million followers from all over the world who like to return to her films when they feel the need for good ASMR. ASMR PROMO boasts a large number of ASMR accessories that make interesting sounds and create pleasant triggers. She knows what she is doing and is prepared to do so. What do you think about her?

asmr zeitgeist

This account is a real exception among other ASMR channels. She is not just another beautiful woman who gives you triggers. This is a creative burst of the channel author who wants to provide followers with reasons to sleep in great quality. Tingles guaranteed!

Made in France ASMR

Staying on the topic of male ASMR artists, there is also the offer of the Made in France ASMR channel. This is a bit smaller account in terms of followers, but his videos are very popular, and a lot of people praise the triggers in them. In this roster of the best ASMR channels, it’s not always about watching, it’s about how you viewers receive a YouTube channel. It is also worth getting to know these smaller artists and join the group of satisfied listeners.

Tingting ASMR

If you’re a fan of the more personal touch of ASMR videos, this channel is sure to suit you. The author often adds videos that relate to caring directly for the viewer, so you may feel as if you are right next to her. You can also watch the role-play videos that the creative author comes up with. He also has many typical ASMR films on his channel that should suit every enthusiast.


The glow everyone talks about after quarantine is glow up. However, we want to show you Glow ASMR, which is just as fun and should be on the lips of anyone interested in interesting triggers. This channel has videos of all kinds: from role plays to typical ASMR movies, for everyone. That best ASMR channels list includes several similar channels, but each is unique in its own way.


Bunny Marthy has almost 100 ASMR films on her channel and is constantly posting more recordings. She really tries to give her followers as much pleasure as possible. In addition, she has NSFW ASMR films, so even more demanding listeners will find something for themselves. A feast for the senses! It’s one of the smaller channels on this best ASMR channels list, but her videos are enjoying popularity, and her channel is growing rapidly among ASMR fans.

Latte ASMR

Latte ASMR is very fond of the subject of ASMR medical videos. This is an interesting entry on this best ASMR channels list, even though the channel has other types of ASMR movies as well. This is definitely a place to be enjoyed, especially by people who enjoy medical role play.

WhispersRed ASMR

This item is unique in contrast to the other channels on this best ASMR channels list as the channel author is qualified to work with sounds and was also the first to perform with ASMR in the theater! It is definitely a channel for people who like such interesting stories. As the author herself says, on her channel you can find: relaxation, sleep, sound therapy, silence, peace, love, smiles.

Ephemeral Rift

Another channel for people who like interesting and original ASMR movies. There are even movies like “I didn’t wash myself in 3 days of ASMR” or “Meet my Brain Cells”. Hardcore, right? Certainly interesting and unusual. This is the only such item on this best ASMR channels list, so it is worth getting acquainted with this author and his work.

Best ASMR channels: Summary

This list of the best ASMR channels should suit even the most discerning viewers. Each channel has something original and unique about it, but at the same time, it can suit most people. Thanks to the fans of these channels, we know that we have gathered channels and artists that are worth paying attention to.

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